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ESTSC Versions of DOE-2

Energy Science and Technology Software Center
P.O. Box 1020
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-1020
Ph: 865-576-2606
Fx: 865-576-2865
Ed Kidd or Kim Buckner
Source code, executable code and complete current documentation for:
DOE-2.1E (Version 124) for Windows and LINUX
$300 U.S. Government/Non-Profits/Education
$575 U.S. Public, Mexico, Canada
$1129 to $1268 Other Foreign
Cost includes limited "operational" support (telephone assistance concerning installation, media, or platform questions). Questions about DOE-2 modeling or to report a bug, should be emailed to the Simulation Research Group.

Commercial Versions of DOE-2

Richard Burkhart
ADM Associates
3239 Ramos Circle
Sacramento, CA 85827-2501
Ph: 916-363-8383
Fx: 916-363-1788
Cost:   $395 plus $15 shipping/handling, includes one set of weather data and program documentation
ADM-DOE-2 (DOE-2.1E) is compiled for use on 386/486 PCs with a math co-processor and 4MB of RAM. The package contains everything needed to run the program: program files, utilities, sample input files, and weather files. More than 300 weather files are available (TMY, TRY, WYEC, CTZ formats) for the U.S. and Canada. Operating System(s): DOS, Windows 95 $395 + $15/SH including one set weather data (your choice) and documentation.

Demian Vonderkulen
EnergySoft LLC
1025-5th Street, Suite A
Novato, CA 94945-2413
Ph: 415-897-6400
Fx: 415-897-6422
Demo: www.energysoft.com
Cost:   $700 non-residential with documentation, $250 residential with documentation, $195 required interface (price reflects cash discount).
Performs nonresidential load calculations for HVAC equipment sizing. Produces typeset quality reports/forms. Electronically exports forms to AutoCad for inclusion on blueprints. On-line help. 344 weather files for the U.S. and Canada.
For California Users: Performs Title 24 compliance calculations, includes state-certified HVAC and DHW Equipment directories, Title 24 tailored lighting calculations. Operating System(s): Windows (95, NT). Unlimited support. Source code not available. Based on ESTSC DOE-2.1E V. 092.

Bill Smith
Elite Software
2700 Arrington Road
College Station, TX 77845-44916
Ph: (Orders) 800-648-9523, Intl: (979) 690-9420
Fx: 409-846-4367
Demo: www.elitesoft.com
Cost:   $1,250 with documentation
Provides full screen, fill-in-the-blank data entry, dynamic error checking, context-sensitive help, mouse support, graphic reports, a 750-page user manual, and extensive weather data. EZDOE (DOE-2.1D) integrates the full calculation modules of DOE-2 into a powerful, full implementation of DOE-2 on DOS-based 386 and higher computers. On-line help. Includes some weather files. Operating System: DOS. Unlimited phone support. Cost is $1295 with documentation. Source code not available.

FTI/DOE2, Version 3.0
Scott A. Henderson
3763 Image Drive
Anchorage, AK 99504
Ph: 907-333-8937
Fx: 907-333-4482
No demo, 30-day trial period www.finite-tech.com
PC Version
Cost:   $999 (U.S.) for Windows platform; check website for other pricing, documentation with purchase
Version 3.0 supports all current Windows platforms (95, 98, ME, NT and 2000), Solaris, Intel and Sparc (full 64 bit on Sparc), and Linux (Linux support is in beta now). Included with this version is the -112 MOD's from LNBL, on-line update of the software via the Internet, complete electronic versions of all DOE-2 manuals, on-line help and a new Graphical User Interface (GUI).
The new interface is a 100% Java application and is fully portable across all Java compatible systems and includes a "plug-in" feature that allows users and third parties to write extensions to the interface and then just add them in. FTI has built a library on their web site to post both freeware and commercial plug-in's to promote a free and open environment to benefit the DOE-2 user community. The plug-in architecture offered in the GUI is simple and examples of code and instructions on how to write plug-in's can be found on our web site. Once a plug-in is written you simply copy the JAR file into the plug-in directory and then start the program and the new plug-in is now part of the program.
Finite Technologies has been providing a commercial version of the DOE-2 software since 1991. The current version 3.0 is now shipping. Pricing for FTI/DOE is $999 for Windows platforms, please check our web site for pricing on other platforms.

Paul Reeves
Partnership for Resource Conservation
140 South 34th Street
Boulder, CO 80303
Ph: 303-499-8611
Fx: 303-554-1370
No demo
Cost:   $495 with documentation
A complete version of DOE-2.1E. This text-based version of DOE-2 is fast, reliable, and up-to-date. Documentation includes 2.1E Supplement, 2.1E BDL Summary; original Reference Manual available. Extensive information on new features is included on the disk as well, including information on new system types, new commands, new options, etc., added to later versions of 2.1E. Operating System(s): DOS, Windows (95, NT). Cost is $ 495 w/documentation. Source code not available.

VisualDOE 4
Erik Kolderup
Architectural Energy Corporation
(formerly Eley Associates)
142 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Ph: 415-957-1977
Fx: 415-957-1381
free demo
Cost:   Contact Architectural Energy Corp.
VisualDOE 4.0 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use "front end" to DOE-2.1E, the industry-standard building energy simulation program. VisualDOE is developed and supported by architects and engineers as a tool for designers and building scientists to accurately model the performance of building design alternatives. VisualDOE is also commonly used to perform energy calculations for LEED certification. VisualDOE covers all major building systems including lighting, daylighting, HVAC, water heating, and building envelope. Among the wide range of simulation results are electricity and gas consumption, electric demand, and utility cost. Hourly results are available for detailed analysis.


Support Tools for DOE-2

DOE-2 Parametric Study Tool
The Deringer Group, Inc.
1349 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 94702
Ph: 510-843-9000, Fx: 510-843-9005
DOE2PARM is an MS Windows-based tool that permits you to run, edit and link all the related input and output files together in the same window.

Joe Huang
31 Sarah Lane
Moraga, CA 94556-2563
Ph/Fx: 925-247-9180
Cost:   $125 plus shipping
DrawBDL, Version 3.0, is a graphic debugging and drawing tool for DOE-2 building geometry. DrawBDL reads your BDL input and makes a rotate-able 3-D drawing of your building with walls, windows, and building shades shown in different colors for easy identification. Operating System(s): Windows 3.1, 95, NT. Cost is $125.00 plus shipping.
Green Building Studio
Green Building Studio
444-10th Street, #300
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Ph: 707 569-7373
Fx: 707 569-7313
John F. Kennedy, P.E.
Green Building Studio
is a web-based service provided by Green Building Studio. It gives 3-D CAD users quick, reliable, and free estimates of a building's energy costs during the early stages of conceptual design using DOE-2. Green Building Studio is powered by Green Building Studio' IDEA Server building energy simulation management software that uses DOE-2 as its simulation engine. Key to the integrated interoperability exhibited in GBS-compliant 3-D CAD applications is the Green Building XML schema (gbXML).

Paul Reeves
Partnership for Resource Conservation
140 South 34th Street
Boulder, CO 80303
Ph: 303-499-8611
Fx: 303-554-1370
Cost:   $99
PRC-Tools, which include PRC-Grab, PRC-Hour and PRC-Peak, aid in extracting, analyzing, and formatting DOE-2 output. PRC-Grab automates the process of extracting any number of answers from DOE-2 standard output files. PRC-Hour and PRC-Peak format the hourly output and create Peak-Day and Average-Day load shapes for any number of periods and for any combination of hourly values. Operating System(s): Windows 95, NT. Cost is $99.00.

Tuomas Laine
Olof Granlund Oy
P. O. Box 59
Helsinki, FIN-00701, Finland
Ph: +358 (9) 351031, Fx: 351 03421
Using RIUSKA, the user can add building envelope materials, internal loads and HVAC systems into the created 3D-model of the building and perform thermal calculations. RIUSKA can be used for space simulations to dimension cooling or heating equipments, or for energy calculations of the whole building. OS: Windows (95, 98, NT) [Works with DOE-2.1E].

Matt Brost
RLW Analytics, Inc.
1055 Broadway, Suite G
Sonoma, CA 95476
Ph: 800-472-6716
Fx: 707-939-9218
Cost:   $500 per set (volume discounts available)
Visualize-IT 2.0 is a windows application designed to help you explore and summarize short-interval time series data, e.g., measurements taken once every 15 minutes over a period of weeks, months or years. Visualize-IT has been developed specifically for electric and gas load data measuring class profiles, market-segments, individual customer sites or specific end uses. Customized DOE-2.1E hourly output importer. Visualize-IT is highly useful when reviewing DOE-2 output and/or comparing to interval metered data; it is equally useful for other time series measurements such as weather, industrial process control and water quality. Operating System: Windows 95, 98 NT. Cost is $500 (volume discounts available).


Special Versions of DOE-2

Office of Energy Efficiency
Natural Resources Canada
580 Booth St., 18th Floor
Ottawa ON K1A OE4
Natural Resources Canada's Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP) offers a financial incentive for the incorporation of energy efficiency features in new commercial and institutional building designs. The objective of this new incentive is to encourage energy-efficient design practices and to bring about lasting changes in the Canadian building design and construction industry. The program will be offered until March 31, 2007.

Cool Tools
Peter Turnbull
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
The CoolToolsTM project objective is to develop, disseminate and promote an integrated set of tools for design and operation of chilled water plants. CoolTools products are Internet based resources available to building owners, design professionals, and operators involved in both new construction and retrofits.

DesiCalc 2.0
Doug Kosar
Order No: DesiCalc GRI-98/0127
GRI Fill-it
1510 Hubbard Drive
Batavia, IL 60510
Ph: 773-399-5414
Fx: 630-406-5995
Cost:   $295 with documentation, $20 shipping and handling
Desiccant screening software. DesiCalc, developed by the Gas Research Institute, screens desiccant cooling applications. It allows estimation of annual or monthly energy loads, using hour-by-hour simulations, and costs for 11 typical commercial buildings in 236 geographical locations in the United States. The tool uses electrical equipment selected from a library of five typical systems and compares the performance of any of the systems with an alternative configuration, the chosen electric system supplemented with a desiccant dehumidifier. DOE-2.1E is DesiCalc's computational engine that runs in the background. The program also uses the latest TMY2 meteorological database. Windows 95, NT. Cost of the program is $295 including documentation; add 8.75% tax in IL, 4.5% tax in VA. Add S/H $20 [VISA, MC, AmExp]

Energy Gauge USA
Florida Solar Energy Center
1679 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, FL 32922-5703
Ph: (321) 638-1492
Cost:   Contact Danny Parker
Energy Gauge USA allows the simple calculation and rating of residential building energy use in the US. The simulation calculates a six-zone model of the residence (conditioned zone, attic, crawlspace, basement, garage and sunspace) with the various buffered spaces linked to the interior as appropriate. TMY weather data for the program are available for 239 US locations. [Based on DOE-2.1E] Operating System: Windows 95, 98, NT.
Home Energy Saver
An interactive web-based
program that calculates
residential energy use
(Residential DOE-2)  
Cost:   Free!
The Home Energy Saver (HES) is designed to help consumers identify the best ways to save energy in their homes, and find the resources to make the savings happen. The HES calculates heating and cooling consumption using DOE-2.1E. The program performs a full annual simulation for a typical weather year (involving 8760 hourly calculations) from 239 locations around the United States in about 10-20 seconds.

Order #PS-400-04-017
California Energy Commission
Publications MS-13
P.O. Box 944295
Sacramento, CA 94244-2950
Energy Hotline
Ph: 916-654-5106
No demo
Cost:   $250 with documentation
Created for the State of California Energy Commission, Title 24 energy code. Perform-98 is an interface shell with DOE-2 as the engine. Output is only California Title 24 compliant. Technical support available for $100/year from Gabel-Dodd Energy Soft LLC, 100 Galli Drive #1,Novato, CA 94960. Call 415-883-5900 for details. Based DOE-2.1E. Operating System: DOS. Cost is $250 including Perform-98 manual.

Contact Robin Mitchell
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
for a free CD of RESFEN 3.1.
or download here.
Download from http://windows.lbl.gov/software/resfen
Cost:   Free!
A PC-based computer program (using DOE-2 as the simulation engine) for calculating the heating and cooling energy performance and cost of residential fenestration systems.